Of course there is no right or wrong way to devour our delectable Oye Crepes but we want to suggest a few ways to really enjoy and make the taste linger on with you.............and......
Please Eat and Repeat!!
....As soon as you see one of the Oye Crepes on a plate near you, just dig in with a fork and make sure to lick the fork after the Crepe has melted in your mouth!

....Use both your hands to slowly unwrap and eat stuffing from the Crepe before eating the shell.

....We love this one....rub your hands in glee, lick the toppings and grab it as you go and enjoy!

....Finally the most sensuous method of enjoying Oye Crepes is to simply shut your eyes, open your mouth wide and bite into the crunchy gooey crepe right off your hands and we guarantee that you will end up saying "WOW" and you will repeat!!